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The legend of Diamond Life · Olanies®

Olan, a chief craftsman came from Paris chandeliers family, and the chandeliers he made was unique, creative and unbelievable, each one was a master piece.


He was busy in daily and night, but he still can't match the continuous demands from the nobilities, there have a wording "it's easier to get fortune, but hard to have a chandelier from Olan" at that time of the Paris upper classes.


In 1789, the French Revolution was broke out, then the nobilities has lost their homes, the Royals were disappeared, Olan has traveled across oceans to English in order to escape the war, he lived with an assumed name in the castle of the duck of niss of north English.


He was quickly discovered by Duke of Niss, and started providing crystal chandeliers for the Duke.

Olan has spent 1 year to make one series of glorious crystal chandeliers in order to decorate the New Year Party, which hold by Duke of Niss for nobilities. The crystal chandelier has displayed great brilliance in the New Year party, and its beauty has fully impressed the nobilities who used to see a variety of treasures. The excited Duke has given Olan a lot of wealth, also given Niss as Olan's family name, from that time, Olan Niss became a member of Niss's family, and the chandeliers he made was called Olanies® by people. After that, Olanies® crystal chandelier has became treasures which has pursued by the upper classes of England and whole European. From the world famous Buckingham Palace, Winsor Castle, the magnificent Edinburgh to numerous of Royal court luxurious occasions, Olanies®, have been presented its most dazzling glories.


Over the years, Olanies® have achieved perfect combination of British style with French Royal craftsmanship. With its exquisite metal crafts, classical modeling, well-selected materials to create glory quality of Olanies®.

Diamond Life International Lighting Group was founded in 1979, we absorbed and refered exquisite craftsmanship & art essence of Olanies®, and then carry forward these hundred years of crystal chandeliers craftsmanship, we have created numerous classic legends through the development of 40 years.

Inspired by this, Diamond life crystal chandeliers had been illuminated in Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort, Dubai, UAE, Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort, Dubai, UAE, Sands Macau, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Macau, Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, Beijing Capital Airport - VIP Terminal, The Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing and other hundreds of renowned buildings, which pursued by politician and business giants, distinguished cultrual personages around the world, people who has seen the chandeliers, were deeply impressed by its excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

In memory of this outstanding craftsman, our group formally launched Diamond Life · Olanies® brand crystal chandeliers in 2005, at same time, we have created our brand logo by the inspiration from medal of the Garter, and then introduce these crystal chandeliers into China markets to let the Chinese people can enjoy the dazzling lights of the art.


Diamond Life · Olanies®
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