Superb Craft

Absolute Pureness

Olanies® crystal chandeliers are decorated with world-class Swarovski® crystals. All the Swarovski® crystals passed the rigorous producing and testing process. As a result, each crystal is dazzling.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Swarovski®'s Optics Laboratory elaborately studies the best arrangements of sections of each shape of crystal, which coupled with specially developed cutting machines, make the cutting technique being far ahead. All the crystals are extremely smooth, so they are not easy to stack with dust and moisture.

Whole-process Controlled

The quality of the products are closely controlled over the entire manufacturing process from R&D, casting, metal processing, electroplating, artistic finishes, to the stage of assembly. So that the quality of lamps has remained constant for decades.

Elaborate Construction

The electrical furnaces and electroplating system for the casting and plating workshops are of advanced technological level, meeting the precise requirements for casting and plating of various materials and sizes. After tens of stringent polishing processes, the surface of lightings is absolutely smooth and bright so that the electroplating finish is also brilliant.

High Quality Raw Materials

Cast brass, as the main raw material of crystal lamps, Olanies® required the copper brass bar number up to 65 or more, which is far higher than the industry average, to ensure the casting surface high smoothness, no trachoma, low chance of transparent acid; The thickness of the professional bending metal is exceed 25% of its peers, guaranteeing that the crystal lamp models and style will remain for decades.

Technological Support

The Group is equipped with the world's most advanced water jet cutting machines and laser cutting machines from Germany that worth millions RMB, formed the group's industrial advantages in manufacturing and technical processes. The most advanced production equipment and many years of experience lay a solid foundation for the quality of Olanies® products.

Strict Quality Control

12 raw material testing measures, 22 product quality ensuring procedures and 100 production processes guarantee the seven-star quality standard of Olanies® lighting products. This is also reflected and evidenced by numerous international quality certifications, dozens of national quality honors and certificates, and lighting projects in over 1,000 signature hotels and famous buildings in over 100 countries.

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Superb Craft

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