Private Concierge Service

Private Concierge Service

Private Concierge Service established by Diamond Life Group and Olanies® management center, is one kind of service mode for target customers in the industry, it matched with a new innovative club styled experience terminal- Elite Club, intended to provide one to one royal-level VIP treatment and exclusive services for new customer, providing them the most considerate and comfortable club styled shopping experiences.

Private Custom Service

Diamond Life Olanies® professional sales representative can provide exclusive crystal chandelier custom-made service, as one of our VIP customer, our sales will provide you the best chandelier solutions base on your house structure, home decoration style, lightning status and individual hobbies, build up the glory which only belong to you.

Private Custom Service
Crystal Chandelier Care Guide

Crystal Chandelier Care Guide

If the beautiful crystal chandelier covered with dirty & dusts, it will affects the beauty of the chandelier and also can weaken the refractive index of the crystal light. The crystal chandelier should do maintenance in regularly, one or twice per year is recommended.

First, Maintenance Procedures

(1) Building Working Platform: Building a safe graded working platform by the height where it is convenient for the cleaner to reach the highest part of the Chandelier.

(2) Removing Crystal Festoon: The power shall be cut off first before removing the crystal; metal connectors shall be removed from the crystal.

(3) Cleaning Crystal: According to the type of crystal, anti-static dry cloth or designated cleaners shall be used to clean dirt on the surface of Crystal Chandelier. In order to avoid leaving fingerprints on crystal, white cotton gloves shall be worn all time when cleaning the Crystal Chandelier.

(4) Maintaining the Balance of the Chandelier: If crystals are removed from the chandelier for cleaning, attention shall be paid to maintain the balance of the chandelier body. Crystals shall not be removed from one side only, so that the overall balance is not even.

(5) Clean the metal parts of Frame: When cleaning the chandelier body, soft cloth shall not be wet with water, and especially with alcohol to avoid the moisture abrading the protective layer of the fixture, thus reducing the gloss on the surface.

(6) Paying Attention to Safety: When cleaning the Chandelier, the power supply shall be cut off. Light bulb shall be cleaned after removed from the lamp body. Do not spin the bulb too hard or too loose when fitting in. Otherwise the bulb may be damaged.

(7) Timely Replacing metal parts: The pins chaining the crystal may become rusty or break and the colors may fade, which will spoil the look. It is advisable to check when cleaning and ensure that broken buckles are replaced in time.

Second, Warnings

(1) The power mush be cut off before cleaning, you can't operate in electricity; Always fasten your seat belt when working at high altitude.

(2) Before cleaning, you must first check whether the structure of the lamp is aging. Pay attention to whether there will be a safety accident during cleaning.

(3) Do don't turn round the light: during the cleaning process, attention don't turns round the light, as it may lead unsafe accidents by loosen screw.

(4) Checking the connection parts: The firmness of the connector of the lamp body shall be checked at the same time. It shall be found that the screw shall be tightened tightly, and the screw with danger of slipping out shall be replaced immediately.

(5) Maintaining the Balance of the crystal string: if the crystal string is twisty during cleaning process, you need to adjust it to obtain flat finish; if the crystal string connected by flat butterfly buckle, pay attention to the front should be in same position toward the outside to ensure its beauty.

(6) Put protection cushion on the floor before you hang the crystal, to protect furniture and floor damage from crystal drop.

(7) Workers should wear gloves before hanging the chandelier, they need to check if leaving any fingerprints on crystal after finish hanging, and then use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the traces.

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